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Before purchasing any leasehold property, prospective purchasers should ensure that they fully understand their leasehold obligations, particularly the total service charge expenditure payable for the relevant property and the payment deadlines. If in doubt, prospective purchasers should obtain independent advice from solicitors, accountants or other suitably qualified independent professionals.

Copies of recent Castle Court service charge budgets, service charge accounts & the rolling 10-year Planned Preventative Maintenance ("PPM") Schedule can be obtained by emailing

The total annual service charge including PPM projects payable by an individual leaseholder is the total annual service charge expenditure including PPM projects multiplied by the service charge % stipulated in the relevant lease.

A prospective purchaser wishing to estimate their ongoing service charge liability before buying a flat should check the exact service charge % stated within the lease for the relevant flat.

There are specific sections for "Service Charges" and "Planned Preventative Maintenance" on this website, which may be of interest to prospective purchasers.


Overall cost of service charge expenditure including PPM

The directors of Castle Court Freehold Limited consider that the service charge expenditure at Castle Court, including PPM projects, reasonably reflects the lease obligations and statutory obligations, particularly the cost of complying with the landlord’s obligations to maintain, repair & redecorate the building.

It is then for market forces to determine whether individual flats at Castle Court are attractive to individual prospective purchasers, including buy-to-let investors.

It is not Castle Court Freehold Limited's responsibility to produce a service charge budget or PPM schedule that would be attractive or acceptable to every individual purchaser or every buy-to-let investor who considers buying a flat at Castle Court. Not all properties in the UK are affordable to every individual purchaser looking for a property. Not every leasehold property in the UK would be a viable buy-to-let investment.


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