Castle Court Cardiff

Bikes - storage arrangements
Rubbish - building materials, furniture, electrical etc
Noisy works to flats - restricted hours

Castle Court Freehold Limited is only responsible for ensuring that normal domestic waste is removed from Castle Court.

Residents needing to dispose of bullky items, building materials, furniture, electrical items etc will need to make their own arrangements for items to be removed safely from their flats and disposed of in accordance with statutory waste regulations and general Health & Safety legislation.

Residents have individual freedom of choice as to whether they contact Cardiff Council (tel 02920 872000) or a private contractor to dispose of such items. Not all items that residents may wish to dispose of would necessarily be items that Cardiff Council would be willing to collect.

Residents will need to keep such items within their own flats (not on the balconies) until their arranged collection.

The site staff at Castle Court are not allowed to book collections or move items for residents but may provide reasonable assistance with holding open communal doors etc for residents carrying items through these doors to reach a public highway collection point that has been agreed between the individual resident and Cardiff Council at the time of booking the collection.

Castle Court Freehold Limited does not have any space within internal communal areas or external communal areas or at front entrances to individual houses or at the the front entrance to the main bin storage area or anywhere else at Castle Court for items to be left for collection by Cardiff Council or private contractors.

Cardiff Council, not Castle Court Freehold Limited, is responsible for providing special assistance to disabled residents who contact Cardiff Council to book a collection of bulky items from their flats.



Castle Court Freehold Limited. Registered Office: Castle Court Office, Castle Court, Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DB
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