Castle Court Cardiff

Buying & Selling Flats
Building insurance and updated individual statements of account
Other pre-contract information
Service charge expenditure
Notice fees
Deed of covenant / licence to assign
Restricted Hours for noisy works to flats

Leaseholders & their solicitors are responsible for responding to pre-contract enquiries from prospective purchasers / intending purchasers.

In the event that leaseholders &/or their solicitors require assistance from Castle Court Freehold Limited in providing leasehold information to a purchaser, leaseholders or their solicitors should email their requests to:

or post to:

Castle Court Freehold Limited (FAO Liz Mahoney)

Castle Court Office, Castle Court, Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DB.

Castle Court Freehold Limited's current fee for completing the standard leasehold enquiries LPE1 questionnaire and LPE2 form in relation to an individual flat at Castle Court and providing the leaseholder's solicitor with the signed completed LPE1 together with copies of the various documents requested therein and the completed LPE2 form is £395.















Castle Court Freehold Limited. Registered Office: Castle Court Office, Castle Court, Westgate Street, Cardiff CF10 1DB
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