Castle Court Cardiff


Building Insurance and Engineering Insurance and Terrorism Insurance are arranged by Castle Court Freehold Limited and included within annual service charge expenditure, in accordance with the leases at Castle Court.

Any leaseholder requiring a copy of the Building Insurance schedule / policy should contact Castle Court Freehold Limited.

There is a standard General Interest clause in the insurance policy that covers all leaseholders and their mortgage providers and it is not therefore necessary to list individual leaseholders or mortgage providers on the policy.

Building Insurance does not cover the contents, fixtures or fittings of individual flats.

Individual leaseholders are entirely responsible for insuring not only the contents, fixtures and fittings of their flats but ensuring that they have adequate accidental damage cover – for example an appliance in their flat or an overflowing bath could cause damage to the contents of the flat below and result in a large claim against an individual leaseholder.

Those leaseholders who rent out their flats will need to ensure that they have full cover – it is all too normal for sub-tenants to take out personal possessions insurance or minimal contents cover rather than full accidental damage cover.


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