Castle Court Cardiff

Fob entry system

Disabled access

Castle Court Freehold Limited is aware that the building layout is difficult for a small number of less mobile leaseholders.

Since acquiring the freehold during November 2004, Castle Court Freehold Limited has reviewed access arrangements and has provided additional hand-rails at certain locations.

The introduction of 24/7 on-site staff during April 2005 means that leaseholders can phone the site office anytime to ask for reasonable assistance with opening doors etc.

Careful consideration has been given to the possibility of providing a ramp at Castle Court.

Unfortunately the layout of the building is not compatible with the various statutory requirements relating to disabled access ramps.

The limited space between front entrances to individual houses and the public highway would not be sufficient to install a ramp compliant with the various statutory requirements relating to disabled access.

It is not practical to modify the entrance to either the bin storage area or the office area to locate a ramp through shrub/plant areas adjacent to either area as there are buried utility services and drainage pipes located beneath these shrub/plant areas.

Access to these buried services and drainage pipes must be maintained in case repair works are required to them, particularly during an emergency. The construction of an external access ramp would include foundations that would extend below the depth of these buried services and drainage pipes.

Castle Court Freehold Limited recognize that some leaseholders and residents would prefer to have a ramp than to continue accessing the building via steps, but for the reasons given above it is not practical to install a ramp at Castle Court.


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