Castle Court Cardiff

Bikes - storage arrangements
Rubbish - building materials, furniture, electrical etc
Noisy works to flats - restricted hours

If residents do not wish to store their bikes within their flats, Castle Court Freehold Limited currently provides designated areas underneath the fire escapes at each house.

If the designated area at an individual house is already full, residents may use available space within designated areas at other houses. Residents must not leave any part of their bikes outside the designated areas.

There are also public cycle racks in various locations within Cardiff City Centre which residents may choose to use if all designated areas at Castle Court are full.

Unimpeded access for all residents, site staff, contractors, visitors etc throughout the fire escapes and surrounding rear terrace area is a legal Health & Safety requirement which has precedence over bike storage requirements of individual residents.

As per signage displayed at each designated area, it may be necessary to remove bikes that are not stored correctly within the designated areas to a temporary storage area elsewhere at Castle Court.

Castle Court Freehold Limited does not accept any liability for any loss or inconvenience caused to individual bike owners if it is necessary to remove their bikes to a temporary storage area.


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